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There's cuddy's commandos in winnipeg
They do an EXCELLENT job of keeping everyone safe.
They have safety briefings prior to every game, all the veterans are very helpful and always willing to coach new people, and if you've been around a little bit and show that you're a dumbass they're very quick to throw you out.
Great bunch of people to go play with whether you're over 18 or not
A place in Hamilton called warsoftnation is going to be doing a daycamp type thing this summer for the underaged crowd. Basically getting psrents to sign waivers and leave their kids for the day with a group of adult "instructors" where they will be taught the safety and respect in handling guns (airsoft) and id imaging other skills as far as skirmishing is concerned and eventually leadimg up to skimishing and such (i cant say i thought it was a good idea at first but in hindsight the sooner they learn "the right way" the more likely they are to be responsible with airsoft and the more likely they are to try and discourage their friends form being dumbases as well. And just think by the time they are old enough to play with the "big boys" they will alrdy have a cpl years under their belts and will be heter players because of it.
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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