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Originally Posted by tintin1223456 View Post
Oh, I didn't even know those features existed. In terms of performance, I guess there is nothing new. In terms of ease of maintenance, I think there is considerable improvement. If I'm in the market for a new AEG, or I'm making a recommendation for someone new to airsoft, why would I consider an AEG with the standard V2 gearbox? All these split gearbox, quick change spring designs just make sense.
A reason why you shouldn't recommend something like this to a new player is, if something breaks, will he be able to replace it? If he wants to change the looks, will there be part support for it? Just because something has a quick change this and that, it doesn't mean it's better than what's been tested and true. There's nothing on this gun that's considered an improvement. It's all been done before and G&G is playing catch up.
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