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Originally Posted by MaciekA View Post
I am with you on the hesitation to adopt a product like this unless it comes out strong and all cylinders firing at once. That's pretty hard to pull off in a market with this many accessories and parts and aftermarket players.

On the other hand, hopefully we are not doomed to Marui Stasis forever.

I think your analysis may be an indication of how customers will react too.

Interestingly enough, the changes I wish every manufacturer would make would have huge positive effects... and yet be incremental to us ASC'ers and virtually invisible to the average customer, and a drag on cost.

If I could get that wish granted industry-wide, it would be to correct AoE, install MOSFETs, perform better shimming (bevel-pinion), and drop Tamiya industry-wide.

To me, the features we're looking at here from G&G are marketable, but they are gimmicky from the viewpoint of someone like myself, who is more interested in durability, reliability, performance.
And with this, I totally agree. If you don't know what is inside, you will never see the difference, it will still sound like a sewing machine, it will still not function like the real thing (fake bolt catch, fake charging handle, etc), it still uses an outdated magazine design, it still dry fires. While it is a step in moving away from the original Marui design, it brings nothing new in term of functionality (well, the quick change spring is nice for players who want to have only one gun, but its been done before). There's absolutely no reason to sell your current AEGs and buy this new design.
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