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Originally Posted by Drakker View Post
Your answer makes a lot of sense, commercially speaking, and I agree with what you advance. But as a customer, I am not touching this. Too little, too late.
I am with you on the hesitation to adopt a product like this unless it comes out strong and all cylinders firing at once. That's pretty hard to pull off in a market with this many accessories and parts and aftermarket players.

On the other hand, hopefully we are not doomed to Marui Stasis forever.

I think your analysis may be an indication of how customers will react too.

Interestingly enough, the changes I wish every manufacturer would make would have huge positive effects... and yet be incremental to us ASC'ers and virtually invisible to the average customer, and a drag on cost.

If I could get that wish granted industry-wide, it would be to correct AoE, install MOSFETs, perform better shimming (bevel-pinion), and drop Tamiya industry-wide.

To me, the features we're looking at here from G&G are marketable, but they are gimmicky from the viewpoint of someone like myself, who is more interested in durability, reliability, performance.
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