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Innovation is always good.

The biggest market for airsoft guns (USA) is still partially in the stone age when it comes to high-end vs. low-end product differentiation. Marketing a high end, higher-priced product in a veritable OCEAN of products that can claim high end status simply by stating "full metal gearbox, full metal body" is very difficult. Watch any Evike or Airsplat video and the keywords "full metal gearbox" , "full metal body" are going to be thrown in there when necessary to differentiate something as one notch above the garbage tier. As an airsoft manufacturer, how do you cut through the noise and deliver something almost everyone can understand makes your product better? I guarantee you it isn't a planetary gearbox. That's for us enthusiasts. Various companies have taken stabs at differentiating themselves through licensing, warranties, claims of LiPo-ready, etc.

The majority of paying customers are not sophisticated technical buyers. Most of them are still pretty much parents of the children who will use the product. In this environment, you need to pick your battles carefully if you want to move up a notch in perceived product sophistication but want to avoid going bankrupt when Chinese companies destroy you in the primary buying event of the year -- Christmas. G&G would be foolish to transition an entire line of products from their current design to an ICS-style design all in one go unless they had tangible marketing bullet points to hand to their retail and marketing partners globally.

This design update could be used to market two major tangible features that can actually be marketed by their sales partners to people who don't understand the internals of gearboxes:

1) A convenient spring change feature -- a big win and easy to market.

2) The ability to one-up companies like KWA by *actually* moving towards "LiPo readiness" with the installation of a MOSFET.

G&G works with re-branding partners like Umarex who are offering warranties, so actual benefits arise from making the product fundamentally more reliable (MOSFET protects trigger) and easier to service or maintain (split gearbox is a huge win here).

The dry-fire design and new mag designs are going to have to remain something for the Otaku crowd who is willing to pay very big bucks for a feature that has very very marginal utility for a market which at purchase time is perhaps 99% invested in hi-caps... Think about it.
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