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Originally Posted by Drakker View Post
Everything? Where's the electric cutoff that prevents dry fire? Where are new mags design that don't waste BBs when reloading? PTWs and the new Marui and KWA systems have had those for a while.

This is merely another split gearbox design that brings absolutely nothing new to the table.

This is 2013, why should we settle for a copy of an old ICS design?
Because it would represent a substantial improvement (in some ways) on G&G's current lineup without incurring the rather large switchover costs (both in fabrication and for customers existing equipment investments) to new magazines and a lot of other things. They are making a bet that an incremental improvement will be a good balance between new capital investments and convenience to customers.

To put your line another way: "This is 2013, copying and improving incrementally is good".
"Mah check"

Now you know

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