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Well they higher the fps the more unstable the shot will become so technically higher fos is less accurate. A 0.20 becomes unstable around 375 380 so in a 400 fps rifle you run. 25 even 30 (thats what i run in all my aegs) in a 450 fps bolt action you run 36 or 40 if your hop up can handle it yes gour fps will go way down but the shot will become very stable AND your bb will cary far more energy over a much longer distance so at 250 or 300feet your target should still feel the bb hit them. Fps isnt why snipers want the certification it is for the enrgy we can put into a bb to have a greater effect at a longer range. I run my bolt action at 500fps (512 actually till i fit a sorbo pad and hopefully thatll bring me down by reducing the cylender volume a bit) i have a hop up that over hops 30's when its turned off. I run 36-43 bbs and have an effective range of 300feet plus that being said befor i messdd with the hop up and swapped the spring i was running the same gun with a worn out stock spring pushing 360fps i ran 30's in it and still had nearly 300ft of effective range. Only it was harder for folks to feel it and wind messed with the shots a bit more.
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