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This is all awesome information. I am taking everything in and now really thinking about deleting my book marked gas snipers. I loved the bolt VSR 10 I used. It was a great gun. It shot dead straight all the time with the wind effecting the bb only after 50ft + (It was crazy strong at times). With everything said I think the spring with reliable parts will be my way to go. I had the some people telling me more FPS is accurate. As I can see they know not to much about the actual art I will now rely more on the people here and real players with the rifles them selves.

I am thinking about the convention. I have looked at it and if I get the time I will be there. Mostly to meet people in the Airsoft community and see what is around. I love being a social moth (Butterfly is to feminine for me) Anyways thanks for all the information. If anyone can add anything else that would be of great help I will enjoy reading it.

AWESOME Community!!
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