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This is not correct (maybe in alberta yall have different rules but here in ontario its like so.
350 for cqb
400 for outdoor AEG and sidearms. DMR or otherwise
450 for bolt action sniper rifles.
Lvl2 snipers 500fps pending host/field approval
Lvl3 550 same as above also note that most fields dont have tue space to allow 550 fps
Also note that some hosts will allow long time trusted players to use a hot AEG (450ish fps) that has been modded with a fet of somekind to have a delay between shots and a semi only mod to use it as a DMR rifle but that rarely happens.
Also note that using gas isnt recognized under the certification program as gas rifles can chrony 450 in the morning and 550 in the afternoon just due to heat and it is very easy to adjut the fps on alot of gas bolt actions so unless you are a verry trusted player gas will be restricted to 400 like everyone else.
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There are a few levels of sniper certification and from what I recall is each level allows you to advance chronologically in fps.
The standard fps is about 420
dmr is 450
Sniper is 475
Ba is 490

To reach those levels of certification you need to present a skills test and pass the applicable course. Sniper chic would be a good person to talk to regarding these or even thunder cactus.

As for performance, fps doesn't directly translate into performance. Bb weight, ballistic trajectory, air effeciency are vital factors. A 350 fps gun can shoot straight farther harder than a 400 fps Gun if the air seal and hop up are tuned better. The overall synergy and performance of the parts within your gun translate into the performance your looking for not soley the fps. Think of a nascar compared to a f1 car.

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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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