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+1 for the marui VSR-10
I ran mine at 380fps when I first started sniping as well. Due to the fields we had, being under 400 was a huge advantage since most of my shots were actually within 60ft, and having a silent rifle was extremely important.
That being said, even at 380 I still had incredible long range performance.
Another advantage was not needed a sidearm (had one anyway, loved it, used it lots), but if someone ambushes you, or your target is much closer than you thought, you can just slamfire your VSR. I got so good at close in slam firing that people with AEGs would try to run from me if they fell into my ambush lol
And the ONLY advantage to a gas rifle over a spring rifle, is the silence of the shot. But I had my VSR tuned so you couldn't hear the muzzle end from 10ft away, so the point is moot.
Spring bolt is also the single most reliable system you can run in the winter, so there's really no reason to not buy a spring bolt rifle lol

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