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Originally Posted by Koolie View Post
Awesome!! Now I completely understand. I was looking at the M700 but honestly the 500 FPS detered me a bit. I do like the TM V10's but some are telling me to go gas and save my wrists cocking the heavier springs.

On the side note, I am always looking for new places to play. I am in Burlington and play at FR in Kitch as well as starting a new spot with the team in Brant.

Where is TAC13?? is this a weekly game?? Me and the gf have M4's at the moment and have a ton of fun running around with them and meeting new people.
TAC13 is a convention, not a game, once a year and full of awesome. It is held at the same facility as TTAC3, which hosts monthly CQB games or training.

Do NOT go gas sniper rifle.
Here's the reasoning:

When you fire a tuned spring gun, you will get a consistant FPS of (loosely) +/- 5 FPS and is not heavily dependent on weather at all (extreme cold will cause issues, like, -20C, because your O-Rings will freeze).

Gas guns, if the weather is 20C will shoot hotter than when it's 10C, and will fluctuate throughout the day depending on the whether, this makes predicting shots VERY hard. Also, upgrades and fixes for gas guns are rare and more complicated than almost any bolt action system. Gas also requires lubrication for seals, and that lubrication will end up in your barrel and hop up, effecting accuracy largely.

TM VSR10's (and clones) have the most parts available on the market, the downsides are that TM VSR10's are hard to find and expensive in canada (but still available!). Marushin APS2 (and because of compatibility, CA M24) have the second amount of upgrades available. Try not to think too much about upgrades at first... more... replacement parts when the stock ones fail (which they will).

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