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Sniper Question

I am new to Airsoft about 4 weeks in, and I have peaked an interest into sniping. I have read a bunch on these forums about it but 1 thing still is a bit foggy.

There is a sniper Cert that Sha do offers. This course sounds awesome and I will be attending it when the time and money allows. I will probably have a rifle before then but I am seeing a bit of things arise in this area. Some guns shoot 350-450 FPS. Others are 500 FPS (M700) and higher. Upgrades add more and so on. The question is simple. If I get a rifle that is higher than 450 FPS single bolt action will I be able to game it with out a certification?? IF I did get a certification, will this ensure I am able to game my rifle at the higher FPS's??

I know there is a ton of things that effect the FPS and such in a rifle, but in the outdoor setting the high FPS seems to get a better range in the windy settings.

On the side note, I am 30 yrs old. I have a ton of respect for players and the game. I am not looking to hurt anyone and would never take a shot that may injure someone. I have already take a lot of bb's in return for me just not taking that shot when the chance show but I know that my target wont be potentially seriously hurt because of it. I ask these questions so I don't waste a lot of money on something I cant use at all. I am still reading up and researching just more clarification and help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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