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wildcard, G&G generally makes good stuff now. I'm most pleased with their gearbox shells in particular.

I agree with everyone here, this is a lot of proprietary stuff to take in .. I wonder if that microswitch has a MOSFET? (how do they avoid switch bounce?).. The motor grip attachment method is a bit sucky, you're stuck with G&G grips and it will be nearly impossible to do half-shell pinion-bevel alignment (edit: on second thought, maybe it will be easier... hmm).

I'm willing to accept a bevy of proprietary parts and designs, but not if we are to take a step back in solving "stock gun syndrome", i.e. the problem of all stock guns sucking balls, having whining gears and other issues I have to fix out of the box. Making things more rare or expensive or upgrading some features without solving the basic problems we have with Marui gearboxes is two steps forward, one (maybe even two) step(s) back.

That said I'd like to get my hands on one of these to play with the internals.
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