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Depending on your age your area may not permit the use of glasses. I'm pretty sure here in Edmonton (and area) all minors are required to wear fully sealed goggles, whereas adults can wear the glasses; BC may be different. However to answer your question I haven't seen many glasses run that low. Oakley M-Frames run well over $100 ($160 at the Oakley store in West Edmonton Mall), I've seen ESS glasses range from $45 to $100+ (those were US prices not including shipping), I've also seen Wiley glasses go for $60+ (again US prices not including shipping), Revisions from $45 to again $100+ (US prices), 5.11's from $80+ (US prices). Your cheapest bet would be to order the Revision Sawfly basic kit from DS Tactical ( - $67.99) and they're based in Vancouver so shipping should be cheap. Be aware that replacement lenses from them are $22.99 each from DS Tactical as well, so try to avoid taking direct shots to the lenses often as the price will stack up. You don't want to buy something just because though; your eyesight is an important thing...don't cheap out on safety gear like that
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