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I'm not a 100% sure, but the VA36C Version 2 is a rebranded JG G36C. This means it probably will only be able to handle a 7.4v lipo. If you want to get a 11.1v, you would want to install a MOSFET, correct the angle of engagement, shim the gears correctly, take off 2nd tooth of piston, maybe sorbo pad and dean connectors in your G36. In my experience, a 7.4v lipo will give you almost the same rate of fire as a decent 9.6 NiMH. If I were you, I would stick with NiMH.

An important consideration is if you are ready for the responsibilities of a lipo. Take a look at this thread.

If you decide you want a lipo, go for one of the FireFox ones. I've had a bad experience with the G&P brand lipos. Try this site: They offer free shipping to Canada and sell many FireFox branded lipos.

Good luck and don't burn down your house.
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