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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
You got it backwards,

The guns the easy part, you need stuff to keep YOU going.

Clothes, camo, you need 2 sets one green based one tan based.
A heavy fleece and a light one, gortex shell,,and pants.

Several,hats, green and tan, warm, cool, and water resistant,

Good boots, 2 pair, one for cold wet , one for warm dry,

Load bearing gear, a hydration pack, and a 3 day pack.

Flashlights, 3 a small always carried, a larger " find my crap" light and a weapon light.

An individual first aid kit.

A ranger blanket, gloves, warm ones and tactical,

Thermos, small stove , light cooking gear,

Once you have all this , you would be pretty much ready,

2 guns, primary and backup, extra batteries, lots of mags, because you won't be using high caps.
Ok well for atm Im only gonna focus on one Camo, I know its probabaly based on teams as well as the environment but which camo would be best to buy first?
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