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You got it backwards,

The guns the easy part, you need stuff to keep YOU going.

Clothes, camo, you need 2 sets one green based one tan based.
A heavy fleece and a light one, gortex shell,,and pants.

Several,hats, green and tan, warm, cool, and water resistant,

Good boots, 2 pair, one for cold wet , one for warm dry,

Load bearing gear, a hydration pack, and a 3 day pack.

Flashlights, 3 a small always carried, a larger " find my crap" light and a weapon light.

An individual first aid kit.

A ranger blanket, gloves, warm ones and tactical,

Thermos, small stove , light cooking gear,

Once you have all this , you would be pretty much ready,

2 guns, primary and backup, extra batteries, lots of mags, because you won't be using high caps.

Originally Posted by Felonies View Post
So im trying to prepare for the spring summer airsoft season since I now have a job and wont in summer because of school. I really would like to know which things I should be buying first, as I would like a FULL list of what I would need for a 24hr Milsim.

What I have:

KA M4 (Metal)
3-4 High caps
Smart charger
2 Batterys
Shitload of BB's
Molle recon chest

I know its not alot because I just got into it before winter, and Yes I know some of you may have huge list, and......THATS OK I am willing to drop a few hundred if need be in to things that are a necessity
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