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Everything that is worthwhile in doing in airsoft tech comes down to procedure and method, not cookbook recipes. There are endless permutations of part combinations/conditions/variables and each part is completely different in fitment from the next. I have seen G&P C8 receivers that slide together so tight that the paint scrapes off... and then other G&P C8 receivers that are so loose that the front body pin falls out (true story). Anyone who works with pistols and slides knows it is hard to database-ify this stuff.

Unless we are talking some seriously fabulous CNC technology and high precision manufacturing, I don't think I'm ever going to be able to tell people "buy this bevel gear, put 3 shims under it and 2 shims above it" and have that reduce their pinion-bevel woes.

The other thing is that databases like these fall out of date really really fast. ASC and other forums are graveyards of half-to-full decade old FAQs talking about brands and products that no longer exist... SHS's pistons have gone from amazing to crap to back to good in a single year. In addition, techniques go out of date pretty fast. Old ideas litter the forums all over the net and many don't make sense anymore.

To do well at this game you just need to keep your eyes open and ear to the ground. To the OP, if you care about this sort of stuff, I recommend signing up at airsoftmechanics.
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