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Well the AGM/Well's are APS2 clones if you are willing to throw in about $500 worth of Laylax/PDI parts like the trigger boxes, zero triggers, new bolt and cylinders etc it will probably be the most reliable shooting sniper platform. But the metal the china clones are made of are not the best in the world and might not be able to withstand the power of the springs. Hence why you might want to change that stuff out.

I know a bunch of guys who bought a crappy china clone L96 and threw in a bunch of Laylax/PDI stuff and the only thing left of the original gun is the body and the outer barrel/receiver assembly. Everything inside was changed out and it's probably one of the nicest and most accurate shooting rifle I've ever seen on the field. And the damn thing shot just under 380fps and was out shooting 400fps AEG's in range and accuracy.
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