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Perro Mojado
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Personal presentation and app for airsoft

Hi everyone, I introduce myself, my name is Jon (Wet Dog) and I'm an Airsoft enthusiast. Because of this hobby and my profession (graphic designer) put over the table in my company a project in wich I was thinking for some time, create an app to carry the game to another level. So we started to work in, and on December 28 we release AirScan a real-time tactics application that shows the position of our teammates and allows to send information on the screens of Android smartphones and now, finally, also for IOS.

The usage is simple and intuitive. One member creates the match and the other fellows joins, once selected the team, with a simple click on the screen of your phone can report the enemy positions on the map, to the rest of your teammates in real time. To improve the organization can create groups (Fireteams) within teams.

For people who want to try it and see its true potential, there is a trial version for Android (quite limited), IOs don't allow us to release it.

I leave here the links on the website and facebook page if you are interested to go deeper.

Thank you very much for your attention. ;-)
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