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Originally Posted by hot_shot under fire View Post
I'm the same height, weight and build as you are and I run the Banshee. Greatest piece of combat gear I have ever owned. Very comfortable, easily adjustable and great construction.

If you consider this plate carrier as on option, pick it up quickly. TAG just upped the price to something like $160.00 USD when it was running for about $110.00 not too long ago. If you're lucky you may still find one in the low $100.00 range.
+1 to the banshee. If u go to the second line kit gallery. Im the last one to post pics of my vest in there. I ordered mine from LAPolice for $115 i think. Cheapest i found. I also got a double mag pouch and an admin pouch and with shipping it hit around $210. Then another $31 for duty and taxes when it got here. Yeaaaaa it can be pricey but man this vest is absolutely unreal. You will NOT regret it i guarantee it.
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