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Ok you didn't really explain anything there. I understand how wind resistance, hot air pockets (up drafts ) and elevation affect projectiles.

And you took my question and changed it into something else.

I know a heavier bb will travel slower then a lighter one.

I asked if a gun firing a .30 bb @ 300fps will have the same range and accuracy as a .30 bb @ 475fps.

I am not asking about a gun that fires a .20 @ 450 and the conversions.
its a moot point noone will fire a .30 at 475 fps thats 581.75 on a .20 the highest certification for snipers allows 550, but to answer that yes, why because above 420fps or so a .30 will become verry unstable and so it would be useless anyhow, putting a .43 in such a hot rifle would work best but all things equal say a vsr fully upgraded and only swapping the spring for fps change 300-500 fps would have about the same range and accuracy only downside would be if a target at maximum range would be able to feel the hit enough for them to call it through their gear or layers of clothing, the answer to that is probably no so your effective range in combat would be reduced a lil bit with lower fps but not by a whole lot say 40-50 feet again you could combat that with h a heavyer bb say a .36 (probaby the max youd wanna use in a 367fps gun, thats 300 on .30 put you at 274 with .36)
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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