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As a new sniper owning the G&G G96, I'll let you know that the range and accuracy will rely HEAVILY on the Hop-Up unit, as mentioned before. Being heavier, the bb will withstand the turbulence of flight better than a lighter round, not being blown around as easily and what not. Theoretically speaking, the difference between the velocity will be the amount of jules the rifle is outputting.

At 475fps a .30 will travel ABOUT 240 feet on average, while at 300 it might go about 200 or so. Don't quote me, theres TONS of factors. At 475 it's likely to output around 2.5 jules at a guess with .3's? Range and accuracy also factors in the quality of the bb you're using, if the seam is raised your accuracy will be botched, so make sure to invest in good brand names for ammo. Steady aim is a must, so a bipod or some form of stabilizing the rifle is recommended (I use a backback I modified to carry a ghillie cover)

The Hop-up adds backspin to the bb, much like the APEX and APEX-2 did in paintball. Get it in the sweet spot and it'll fly the furthest. And keep in mind the faster the gun is shooting, the harder it will be to track the bb… My first crack at the G96 I was firing .26's and the gun was firing at 685fps out of the box, so I'm modifying it for HPA to bring down the power and make it more consistent. Anyway, I digress. Faster isn't always better.

As mentioned before, the barrel, hop-up unit and the air seal will be the most vital upgrades, and I will be swapping them out in my own rifle.

If anyone has any additional information or corrections to make, feel free.

EDIT: Oh, and if you didn't already know, upgrading the spring in a spring powered sniper will make re-chambering harder the more powerful the spring is. That's why I chose gas, so I wouldn't end up like a Left 4 Dead 2 Charger lol

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