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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
you wouldnt fire a .30 at 450 fps you would have a gun that shoots a .20 bb at 450fps by putting a .30 in tha rifly the velocity would drop to 367.42fps and then yes the .30 travelling slower would shoot farther and more accurately, why you ask, well ill tell you because both of them have the same energy when they exit the barrel 1.88 joule's and as they travel the will both loose energy mostly due to wind resistance, here is where the heavier bb shines.
in the first 50ft or so the .20 will shed a heap of velocity around 50-75fps
out at 100-150ft or so the .2 will have almost no energy and will be going slowwer then the .3 (not by much maybe 5-10fps) but the .30 will still have
.8-.9 joules of energy so the target will still feel it
add on top of that the fact that if there are any other environmental changes along the way (a breeze, warm patch or cold patch even a change in elevation) the .20 will be effected far greater the the .30.
snipers observe theese things more the the average playerwe take couses so we can use higher fps but not for the sake of fps its to allow us to use heavier bbs so we can keep our rifles in the ideal fps range(300-360) while increasing effective range ie i use a vsr10 shooting 512 on .20 i run .40 bbs and that brings me down to 362.04fps and gives me good energy out past 300feet. that said if i had an m4 shooting 512 and ran .40 id never get the same results why? because aegs arent as consistant (too many mooving parts to leak air abd cause inconsistancies) and the hop up just isnt as efficent as a vsr hop up, especially the laylax hop up i have in my rifle.

touching on yer first post now, you say you dont wanna spend 800 bucks on a rifle, let it be known that in order for a bolt action to perform well enough to compeat with the aegs on the field(and even so youll still be out gunned you only advatage will be stealth) youll need the gun 180-300 (for 3-400 you can get an aeg rdy to go) a good barrel 80-100 hop up 100 spring guide and spring 70-100 sears30-50 and a piston 60-100
after that you may as well do the cylender and cylender head 150-200
you do the math youll be over 1000 bucks to have a decent bolt action and even then youll prolly be disapointed that you lay roundin the mud all day for one good kill if you even get one kill
Ok you didn't really explain anything there. I understand how wind resistance, hot air pockets (up drafts ) and elevation affect projectiles.

And you took my question and changed it into something else.

I know a heavier bb will travel slower then a lighter one.

I asked if a gun firing a .30 bb @ 300fps will have the same range and accuracy as a .30 bb @ 475fps.

I am not asking about a gun that fires a .20 @ 450 and the conversions.
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