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Allright. Let's resume what has been said.

You want a L96 rifle. Get one from a reputable and trusted company, and get it APS2 (system) compatible. Please don't cheap out here, or you'll pay more later (soon).

You WILL need to change things on it. The number of upgrades and the longevity of present parts will depends on the quality of the rifle.

YES, a low-powered rifle can out-shoot a high-powered rifle. It all comes down to a few things. The most obvious ones are the air seal, the barrel and the hop-up. A poor air seal will lead to inconsistent shot-to-shot capabilities, limiting your capacity to land successful shots. The barrel is important, not by it's length but by it's "straightness". A distorted barrel will deviate the BB and cause erratic shots. The longer the barrel, the better the FPS and a precision gain, but after a certain length it doesn't matter. The most important part is the hop-up. That's the part that will counter the effects of the gravity by "pulling up" the BB. You can have the best rifle in the world, add 4.000$ of upgrades, but with a poor hop-up, it'll shoot like crap.

That is why brands like Tokyo Marui are praised. Because their hop-up system are working well. That's why a high powered, cheap rifle will shoot like ass.

And for the love of god, please don't buy the C-TAC one, or anything Buy... a certain retailer sells.

I might edit that post later if I forgot something.
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