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Following your reply I was looking at the Maruzen APS Type 96 Spring Rifle.

It seems really nice the only thing that concerns me is the fps. I realize having 500 fps isint always good but how would the maruzen perform with a fps rating of 280-300fps compared to the 450-480 fps of the ASG AW .308 ? Accuracy? Effective range ?

Also the scope I have already purchased is a 3.5-10x50E mildot dual illumination red/green.

The price isint too far off from the ASG. so may be an option.

What upgrades will I need for the maruzen right off the bat to make it playable? If it is not already out of the box.

Maybe just a spring upgrade to bump the fps a bit ?
Also are there local shops that carry or import the maruzen ?
And are there readily available upgrades for it ?

Thanks in advance.

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