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"At the conclusion of 354 days of hard work, preparation, emptying of bank accounts, overpriced shipping, bargain bin shopping, studying, training, luck, Ramen Noodle dinners, and trash talking, men and women from quite literally all around the world gather in the flammable woods of Oklahoma to seek the culmination of this massive undertaking over the course of 9 days. Representatives of this eclectic group portray the US Army 315th Radio Relay Company, the U.K. Armored Calvary "The Albion Lancers", the West German Jaegers, the 2nd Canadian Infantry Battalion, The Soviet 7th Company of the 5th Independent Reconnaissance Battalion, and the East German Grenztruppen der DDR. This mix of cultures and combat gear is just a small portion of the entire East Wind experience. We are on the precipice of something so intense, you must partake in it, in order to fully understand it, and even then, you might not get it until months from now.
No number of photos, videos, or after action reports can really prepare you for the next event. See you all on the other side."
Learn this well fellows. Over the years we have seen as many missions blown by shoddy land nav as we have seen disrupted by enemy action. You can be the baddest kung fu ninja assault swat sniper commandos in the world and still fail if you can't get to the fight.
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