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G&G M418 Black/Light MAX - Need some information

Hello, bonjour,

I know I am not age verified, I am working on that. Made this account yesterday.

I am looking to move from paintball to airsoft and I want to buy a decent AEG. I want it to be "good" out of the box. Don't want to bother and upgrade it a lot.

So, I found this G&G M418 on :
Shorter version :

To me, it seems like a good deal.
Downgrade spring included (M100).
Battery and charger included.
Full metal.
Has all the "MAX" feats.
Look awesome !

The thing is, I did not found much information about this exact model, so I need your help !

From the information I found the "MAX" is only found in Canada. It's mostly and upgraded version to be able to shoot at the "legal" fps. I guess that a good thing even if I want to downgrade.

In the "specs" it says that this gun have blowback. Anyone know if this is EBB or the PBB ? I was told that it is harder to downgrade the spring if you have a PBB system. I that true ?

Anyone owns/owned this gun and can give me some feedback ?

Thanks guys and see you on the fields !
(I am french, I know my english is not perfect)
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