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thats the torch/iron im using its definately not designed for anything more then emergencey use id say.
i did manage to get the last cpl done beter then the first ones by letting the torch burn through almost a whole tank of gas then topped it off and started to solder,
i was able to heat the deans enough to melt the solder in 20-30 secconds, much beter then it was i was from the begining tinning both the wire and the deans,
i found with this crappy torch that tinning only the deans and actually loading a decent blob of solder on to it the heating the wire a bit, fluxing it and then holding it onto the glob while reheating the deans from the underside(the oposite side from where i was attaching) i was able to get the flux to "pull" the glob off of the deans into the wire making a decent looking joint
(much beter then the first ones lol) still not ideal and definately not how i remembered it in school, back then it was almost simple touch pull trigger 1 2 3 tin repeat on wire touch two bits together iron pull trigger 1 2 3 hit it with the solder blamo done.
this is how it should be right im not dreaming lol.
next tool will be a half decent soldering iron i know ill need it in the future for batteries and at least one more merf install (gonna do the "advanced" install in my AKM when it comes seein as i wont have to crack the gearbox open to get at the trigger contacts)

Yeah Trev id be down to come soak up some knowlage from the more technically inclined.
im sure i can do a gearbox but the first one i tryed didnt work, tho i think it was an issue with the shell itself not me lol.
just ever scince that i havent been able to convince myself to open a working bearbox( the other one had cracked and i got a cheap shell to try n rebuild but it couldnt cycle no matter how well it seemed to be shimmed)

sry guys i know my blabbery is hard to read sometimes english wasnt my strong suit in school lol
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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