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Originally Posted by Toonz View Post
Might be late to the party but something I never see alot of people do......

When applying the soldering iron tip to the desired object to be soldered leave a small glob of solder on the tip. Rather than only the tip heating the target the melted solder on the tip creates a larger heated surface area on the target heating it faster and more evenly.

Also as Coach said tin everything.
I read this too a few time. I only do this on sensitive IC parts like I was referring to in earlier posts. That's to reduce the "heat time" of the primary object that maybe susceptible to heat damage.

Wires ain't.

By the way, here is a linke for more than what you will ever need at Crappy Tire.

25 Watts.

My soldering kit has seen dozens of miles of solder. You will see 50 feet in your LIFE-maybe

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