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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
lol thanks Trev, i knew i had it correct its just my tools that are lacking, gonna have to buy a good (at least decent) iron and some non dollar store type solder if im gonna be doing this on the regular.
got a MERF 3.2 and decided may as well get all the guns on deans in one shot so i can share batteries and the MERF.
Almost done now but ill be sure to grab a new iron befor my next soldering job lol.
Thanks all for the input, hopefully someone else will find this info usefull in the future as well, i mean i cant be the only one who forgot highschool lol

I dont think its too hot Derek I have to touch the deans "post" for a good 60-90 secconds befor itll melt the solder by that time all the flux is boiled off, and that on highest setting.
It is a "torch" but the flame is contained and it has a soldering tip in front of an element that heats the tip, i think it just looses alot of heat in the transfer process, great to have at games n such tho just in case someone messes up a wire or something just not so great for day to day soldering jobs

Not fair.

My first career was an Industrial Electrician. I used to be able to solder a double sided PC board with a 24 pin IC half cracked from the night before, judging the quality by the smell of the solder.

No biggy brother.

If you want to do a good pactice, just cut open an old speaker wire and go at it. Until the solder is soaking into the form of the wire, its WRONG.

You will get the hang of it and figure out the burning off of the flux to not hot enough (cold joint) quick enough.

I still think we should all meet up one day are a hotel one day and do a technology transfer of this sport one winter.

Have little work shops for gear boxes, shimming, wiring soldering, hop up etc etc.

I think if a few dozen of us got together one sat we would surprise each other what we could pass on.

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