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Originally Posted by ccyg8774 View Post
Are you sure you want to limit your list to that three? From what I have heard and experienced, none of them are good sniper rifle platform...
Considering the cost of upgrading, the price difference of a "good" sniper base gun (such as Tokyo Marui VSR-10, Classic Army M24, or Maruzen APS2) and a "cheap" base gun is not that significant, but they do make a difference on performance, even after upgrading...
i dont want to drop alot of money on a gun ATM, later on for upgrades I can spend, but I want something to start with, even just to target shoot with while I get other gear, until im ready to throw money at upgrades,

and for the money i want to spend, those seem to be the ones that i find aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to hold,

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