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Originally Posted by Proliphic View Post
I know all about why everyone discourages newbies from going for the sniper/scout role. i know you dont shoot people in the head when their torso/legs are exposed, I know you dont shoot people in close range, I know that im not going to instantly become an airsoft phantom killer with the purchase of a rifle, I know the role is more then just stealth shooting, its about relaying comms about movements, enemy strongholds, etc...
Actually, the "harm" part isn't even an issue for most newbies, since if you show up with a gun that shoots 450FPS, the game op won't let you play with it.

Newbies are discouraged from going into the sniper/scout role because like I said, sniper rifles don't shoot any further or more accurately than a regular AEG, yet they require you to sink a lot of money into them, and fire followup shots far slower.

Basically, if they're in range for you to shoot them, they're in range to shoot you, AND they're able to get off a lot more rounds in your direction than you can in theirs.

So the idea of discouraging newbies from sniping is not about harming someone (because you generally can't play with a gun that shoots hard enough to harm someone), but because you'll probably get frustrated that you can't "snipe someone while you're out of their range" - if you fire a shot, and miss, then it turns into a 2-way firefight.

Because of the range issue as well, you'll have to either wait for someone to get close, or you'll have to get in close yourself. There's no "waiting at the top of the hill, while the rest of the squad moves closer so that their guns are effective". If your gun is effective on the hill, then the rest of the squad should stay on the hill as well.

I'm not trying to discourage you from getting a sniper, it's just that it sounds like you're not fully understanding the disadvantages of being a sniper.
It would be cheaper, and probably more fun, to just go through route of converting an M4 into a DMR or something.

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