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Originally Posted by Aper View Post
as for what rifle to get, I suggest reading, reading and reading. There's no reasons to create a thread about; What should I get ? if you didn't read the forums.
I have done quite a bit of reading, on this forum and others, video reviews, retail shop writeups, but alot of what ive been reading / seeing is people claiming that "their" rifle is the best.

so I was hoping that maybe someone on here knows more about them then i do or is someone owns one that is crap, or someone that owns one that is really well made and and accurate/reliable.

they are all in the same price range, and id hate to buy option A only to find out that I could have asked and found out A is a lemon and option B or C is the way to go. or that A has 10000 upgrade parts and B,C have 2 upgrade parts available.
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