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Originally Posted by Doombringer View Post
Are you sure you really want a sniper rifle as your first gun?

Read this:
Yes I am sure, I'm more into the sniper role then the "infantry" style play, I like the slow pace and tactical/stealthy style, I understand that alot of "Kids" think it is just cool, but I actually enjoy that style of play, i really have no desire for the full auto AEG's

Originally Posted by ccyg8774 View Post
Don't get a sniper rifle as first gun...
can u explain your answer ? without saying "cuz u dont know what your doing" or "your too newb and u dont know how to shoot or to tell whos on your team". because im sure i can figure out who's on or not on my team and yes I do know how to shoot,
also im not just going to buy the gun and then the same day go join a game and expect to be accepted/great, i plan on taking the time to get to know the gun and how it shoots, learn more about the sport, spectate some games if possible get a feel for it all before jumping in,
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