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Question Need Help Deciding.

Hi All,
im new to ASC and to the sport, I used to be into the paintball scene for a number of years but it lacks the realism that I seek, now im looking to dive into the world of AS.

Now I am looking to get a Sniper Rifle, but am unsure of which to get.
I have been looking at the ASG AW .308 springer.

reason for this is looks/performance/price and local shop stocks them, im not willing to drop $800+ on a rifle at the moment as theres alot of other gear i need to buy,

now my question to you all is, what rifle would you guys choose based on the l96 platform ? and why ? what are the real differences between name brands ?

the others I have seen are:
Well L96 AWP
C-Tac L96

so my choices are now down to:

ASG AW .308
Well L96 AWP
C-Tac L96


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