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Originally Posted by nichtessen View Post
True never thought of headgear yet, was looking into the shemag, but it looks like every one uses it or has some type of one. Looking for something more unqiue that not every one might have.
There really isnt much different... Trust me go with the shemagh.. Theres a hundred different colours and theyre fun to pick out. Just pick which colour matches your camo the best. They range from $10-20 and now a days you can get them pretty much anywhere. i got mine at my local paintball store of all places.

They come in handy, I've been hit in the throat while wearing it.. Although it didnt do any damage since your neck is pretty strong it still HURT like a biatchacha!!!
Just make sure you pull the thing tight around your neck... Although it looks more badass hanging loose around your neck, its better to tighten it up

ANNDDDDD ALSSOOOO since your living out of mississauga (LUCKY) i would hit up ultimate airsoft.. GREAT place to play and start out too. Also a couple good airsoft stores in Toronto
Bang one, Bang em' all!

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