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May i suggest what i did with my first rig. I got a cheapo china clone rig it was like 30-40 bucks came with a tripple dubble stacked mag pouch a radio pouch a medkit puch admin panel and a few other bits no its not high end but it is 1000d cordura and dbl stitched one clip broke when i put it in awkwardly but i ziptied it and its fine been using it for years and its still hold8ng up.
Also face protection i find to be uncomfortable it puts alot of pressure kn mynose and cheecks i use a bandanna tho if yer gonna play indoors feacepro is a good idea.
Also id suggest more then 3 extra mags. For the price youd pay for 3 single kags you can probably buy a box set (5-7 mags) and youll use em. I carry 8 plus 1 in the gun most folks will carry 5-10 depending on capacity and rig space. Its alot easyer in game to grab some mags outta yer dump pouch or med pouch or butt/backpac thenbto spedd load mags.
Other wise id say you got a good start going.
Be sure to get the gun tested befor you start swappin the spring and such if its like 410 most folks wont give you a hard time about it 420 or more then yes change it
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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