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Originally Posted by Gato View Post
There's been simmunitions and ricochets.

As far as airsoft goes, the two main ones were a private game, I got nailed close range with a short burst from a 500ish FPS WE. The second was a TTAC game where at the begining of the night, all the WE's Chrono'd clear but by the end of the night the temperature had risen and as C3SK and I cleared the field we somehow mistook eachother for enemies and lit eachother up, I think I double or triple tapped him in the chest, but I took one to the upper lip that I had to dig out......... fun night though
God, I still have a photo of that somewhere, so messed up.

I took a hot GBBR CQB round at a private game down the axis of my rifle which hit me in the upper lip, I thought for sure I lost a tooth. Couldn't feel my face. Still was fun... I figured instant trip to the dentist lol.
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