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First load out questions

Hey first time buying my own gear for airsoft. Got tired of renting or borrowing gear off of friends. Below is what I was thinking of buying.

-ess surplus goggles
-lower mesh face guard
-ak gunner rig
-Cyma ak47
-lower spring gun shoots hot out of box according to reviews
-3 spare mags
-spare battery
-smart charger
-bb loader
-2 point sling
-surplus combat boots
-and if any one knows where to get 38pants or 3xl Camo gear let me know please.

I've read a lot of reviews on the Cyma ak and I'm likening what I hear. Been to a store and handled it and love the looks and the way it handles. All else are items I've looked into and are almost essentials from what I've read. Looking for tips / comments to help me out on anything I'm missing or should look into.
(sorry about post format in hospital ATM waiting to be an uncle)

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