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Originally Posted by TurlteRaph View Post
Okay, which gun feels better in your hand??
M4/M16 is obviously more ergonomic in design, generally better in balance and manuverability, and with appropriate mods can be changed to your tastes of setup and add-on farkles more readily.

M14 is a classic long-gun with it's straight stock - relatively unbalanced, long, and heavier by a couple of pounds. It reminds me of my civvie hunting guns. It'll certainly make a man of you, humping it on the field all day. You could set it up with a G&P DMR style stock for a pistol grip if desired, or go for an EBR variant M14 if the pistol grip is a must for ergos or comfort... but it's still going to be long, and heavy.

It comes down to the environment you are using the gun at - if you plan on doing indoors and outdoors on a limited budget, go M16/M4. If it's outdoors, then it's more of a personal choice as to which gun type, and which variant you choose.
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