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Originally Posted by swatt13 View Post
But it's the mags which are large and akward, reloading wich is finite....


....and the fact Taft you will not be able to interchange with squad mates are downfalls
You don't have enough mags or you are shooting too much then. I use oddball guns, and in the 2 years I've been playing, I have NEVER run into a situation where I am so out of ammo that I would have to beg a mag of someone. That goes from my m14 which I only have 4 70 rounders for or my p90 which I have run with 5 mags all half loaded at 80-90 rounds. I run 3 of the most arguably bulky mag guns outside of an AK... being p90, m14 and g36. Nobody else I run with have these guns and I've never been in a situation so dire that I am out of ammo. Having to top up ammo at respawn, yes, but run out on the field? maybe once and that was with the m14 in my first year.


adjusting the hopup which is tedious
On my g&g I pull the bolt back and turn the wheel the bolt catch holds it open. Once it's set, it never has to change, why is this such a big deal? How often do you adjust your hop? Do you change ammo weight every mag?

Availability on mags for CA/G&G m14s is an issue... moreso than the gearbox parts. I would say CA specific parts are harder to get than G&G... I've tried to contact CA for factory parts, who refer me to their vendor chain... which never seem to answer me or get back to me if they can get the parts I need at all. Mind you, this was a different gun platform, but you can insert whatever gun type you want in there and the result still would've been the same.

When I look up this sect of m14s, I find a more than a few instances of the stock cracking, maybe it doesn't happen on all guns all the time, but it has happened enough that people post about not being able to find a worthy replacement stock. Also fyi... the G&G stock seems to not like the CA innards as much as reported by a couple owners. I know this because I researched the stocks when mine broke. the G&G stock is easily available from the factory direct though, just email them and ask, they take your payment info and a new stock is on the way from taiwan. Not ideal, but far more response than I got out of CA about gearbox shells.

Other issues? since I own a g&g max m14 socom I can tell you exactly what has happened to it over 20,000 rounds through it. The stock broke when a shitty ebay sling mount gave up and it dropped on floor.

It cracked straight through at the magwell after a game, I'm not sure if it was from a drop or if it was just torqued... or if the rail I have on it puts stress on it in a weird way. Some mighty putty and 2 stage epoxy fixed it up nice and good.

None so far as to what a lot of people complain about with older g&gs... The trigger is copper tabs and metal block like V2s... the gearset is strong enough that the shimming hasn't blown them up. The motor is fine, cutoff lever is holding up, even when I ran it on an 11.1V lipo through the mosfet that's now in my p90 for about 1000 rounds. The airseal on the gun is amazing... getting more fps than on a guarder sp110 than it's rated for. 420fps when it's tested at 405 in every other gun I own. I couldn't believe it. It shot consistently 410 or higher without me touching anything else. On my p90 and g36 I had to do all the airseal tricks.

I ran it for a season on a large 9.6v 4000mah pack.

The only thing I've done to it is put the factory m100 spring into it and change the piston out, because after 10k rounds, the factory one showed starting signs of wear on the teeth, and I decided since I was in the gearbox, I should replace it with a metal rack piston.

Someone once complained that the hopup could be turned so tight that the rubber would tear... I turned it up all the way and shot the gun.. unknowingly turning it up super high because I couldn't spot the rounds... turns out they were hopping to the moon. Factory rubber still in the gun no worse for wear.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not praising the gun nor hating on it. It has it's ups and downs, the mag cost and stock being big concerns. But then again, my p90 and g36 have also had their share of issues and they're not short lists nor simple either.

But in terms of gaming the gun itself, if you paid for the mags, have the pouches, have the gun.. the question is, are you happy with it?

I enjoyed it, I think my socom looks bitchin and it shoots bitches just fine.

Would I lug it around for 24 hours? I've addressed this before, and the answer is no, probably not. It's a heavy beast, with or without the rail I put on it.

Money aside and given the choice again, would I buy it again if I didn't own it? Probably not.. it's heavy, and as good as it looks, it turned out to be too heavy for me, even though it's a great performer. It's proven itself time and time again to be reliable on the field and consistent/accurate.

Looking solely ate the cost, Given the cost of ownership of a g&g, or CA would I do it again? probably not. The CYMA is far cheaper, fully upgradable with TM components and readily available mags. If I had the gearbox knowledge that I have now, I would go for a cheaper gun and spend the difference in upgrade parts. At the time of purchase the gun itself was a reasonable price for a fully factory upgraded gun. The mag cost was higher, which I accepted because I wanted a different gun than an m4.
I futz with V2s, V3s and V6s. I could be wrong... but probably, most likely not, as far as I know.

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