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Originally Posted by Fortyeiight View Post
When i look around i tend to find the m16 to be cheaper than the m14, I found this within G&G prices. In contrast Echo1 is more expensive than G&G but from what I have seen Echo1 is poorer in quality than G&G. Once again I am new, but what would cause this price dfference?
The Echo1 M14 series are a CYMA re-brand, jacked up in price by $40-50.00.

Back to the original topic - the M16/M4 Series and the M14 Series are two totally different guns, lending themselves to totally different playing styles.

I've got both, and each serve their own purpose. If i want to be more physically active/moving on the field, or working in a squad situation, the M4's get the nod. If i want to be a little more relaxed, do some camping in the bush/woods on over-watch and be a little more stand-offish, the scope-equipped M14 gets it's turn. I do use the M4's more often than the M14, but both are fun in their own ways.

I do recommend an M16/M4 series as a first gun to start off with, given the pick between the two. Consider other designs as an additional primary, only after you've got yourself sorted with your M16/M4 kit.

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