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The m14 is a bit dated. The full length is cumbersome and akward to wield. The socom is easier but still not very ergonomical or comfy. The guns themselves are sexy and good platforms to build on, offering options such as the ebr and jae body's and any internal upgrade you desire. But it's the mags which are large and akward, reloading wich is finite adjusting the hopup which is tedious and the fact Taft you will not be able to interchange with squad mates are downfalls

The ar series are as well a great platform to build from. Fully customizable anything you want to mix match on there to suit your physique personality and role. The m16 like the 14 is long and cumbersome but it makes up for it in its ergonomics. The pistol grip, slim mags interchangeability popularity make this the likely platform to choose. In the future should you decide to go to another ar platform be it the carbine, cqb, sr, sog ect the muscle memory and wield ability is transferable. Web if you decide to go to another platform like the scar, Masada, ect they are essentially derivatives of the ar platform and use similar dexterity points for muscle memory.

The m14 is the pinnicle of its generation, the final evolution of its platform. The m16 is the base or beginning of its platform constantly being improved upon or modified. Apart from the mechanics of them with the 14 you need to build you kit around it and specific to it. The ar series most every gear component is designed with it in mind so it is versatile.
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