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It is freezing up cause its cold likely in summer itll work beter again co2 will be too high fps to game with especially indoors but even for outdoors.
You can and should be able to fire off a full mag of bbs on one propane fill sometimes even more even when done quickly like shooting one shot every seccond till mag is empty. Are you playin outdoors or in a colder space?
Ars you filling the mags with gas properly? Ie holding the mag upside down and pressing untill you can no longer hear gas transfering?
I stand corrected i think on the fps apparently its only 340 on co2 but you may wanna dbl check that on the canadian version. You should get a full mag or close to it on propane 18-21 rounds.
You will get about 2 mags on co2 40-45 rounds from what i have found online. Keep in mind its way esyer to cary one portable gas can to top up as apposed to a bunch of 12g co2 also id suggest a bunch of extra mags then it dont matter if you only get 18 shots outta each one just change mags (its prety hard to use a pistol as your primary and only carry one or two mags id suggest 6-10 for sure)
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