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I had sent my 13ci tank in for repairs and it was fixed, but I'm having problems getting a hold of the guy who has it atm -_- (seems like I'm having a lot of that lately). As for the rest, I found a quick fill whip in my gear back I never used, so my plan was to have a single pod pack from paintball on the back right of my tac vest with the tank inside, a remote line to a regulator, the quick fill whip from the reg to the magazine. It'll be a little long, but it'll leave room for tweaking. So basically all i really need is my tank, the regulator, a pod pouch and a trio of air nozzles from the local hardware store.

On a side note, I'm trying to think of whether it'd be better to simply cut the barrel and resin a thread adapter inside the barrel to mount the flash hider I want or look for a barrel that has one…. Cutting it would be a lot cheaper, but I'm not the handiest with a hand saw and I'd be concerned about ending up with a non-square cut. Other than that, there isn't really anything else I'd do with the rifle, it's pretty well good with just those modifications…

And on another side note, I'm about two weeks from ordering my favourite hand gun for $270 with shipping
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