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co2 or propane

hey guys. im really hoping for a solution to some problems im having. First off, i just bought a kjw 1911 for my first gbb gun. i love it. i love the realisim, the feel (compared to non-bb) and the sound. now the problem i have is the propane mag broke on me (stupid plastic) i do wanna buy new mags and also im gonna buy a WE Scar gbbr ( i've read enough reveiws and im dead set on it). before i spend a bunch of money on mags i wanna know a few things. I've found sites that i can get co2 or propane mags for the same price but whats better? i wanna know how many shots a 12g co2 cartrige does in a gbb gun. i know co2 is harder on a gbb but as a mechanic i know things break and everything needs maintence.
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