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Six days to go....six days and Canadian boots will once again be on the ground in Oklahoma

As registration is now closed for 2013 (thanks for the update Cam!) there is a bit of good news for anyone interested in the WARPAC side of the fight - VSR, while previously an authorized uniform, has been moved to the "Gold Standard" of Soviet uniforms. VSR is more readily available (so I've been told) so it will make finding kit for anyone wanting to attend as a Soviet a little easier. As well the East German 'Grenztruppen der DDR' have what looks like to be a VERY interesting role for East Wind 6....I'm looking forward to seeing how this role is played out and hopefully it will make a return (with a nice boost in personnel) for EW7 in 2014!

Check out the EW forums and hopefully we'll see more fresh faces next year. As for EW6? Well, we'll have to get some photos and maybe even video to help get everyone interested.
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