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Originally Posted by unseen hunter View Post
So I got this given to me as a gift and I have a question about it as I am just starting with the sport. According to the box its a full metal build, has a 9.6 NiMH battery, adjustable BAXS system and fires 370-450 fps on 0.2s. Now if memory serves correct field limits are 400 fps correct? Unfortunately, I do not have access to a chrono so I can't verify the fps claims. My question, really, is how can I verify the fps without driving all over hell's half acre and not spending anything to do so? Any suggestions?
That's quite the range of fps there... are you sure the box isn't listing two values, one for 0.12g BBs and one for 0.20g BBs?

Cybergun lists 466 fps w/0.12g and 361 fps w/ 0.20g for that model, but it may have been modified since manufacture (and/or for the Canadian market).
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