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Originally Posted by Koolie View Post
Well, I know they have their hicups like all companies do but remember they arent to lazy because they deliver mail rain, shine, snow, and hail. They show up to work at 4 am to sort the mail then walk routes in some case's about 5k.

I agree some dont not care to much and are protected by the union but please dont shun all letter carriers. My dad worked as a carrier for 25 years till 3 days before he passed. He has delievered mail in the worst of weather when most just call into work. They are somewhat under paid as they have to lung 80 lbs bags each day on their route as well. Not really a cushy job.

Sorry but had to post 1 for the Postal service.
Sorry your right. Its not aaaaalllllll postal workers, but there are some! and its those few that ruin it for the company. BUT just got my banshee in the mail last night so SUPER HAPPY.. Even though I had to go to the nearest shoppers to get it becuase they refuse to attempt a delivery at my apt building.
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